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Service Point Covent Garden
A day in the life, Alexandra de Maré, Branch Manager of Covent Garden

This week we speak with Alexandra de Maré the Branch Manager of the Paragon Service Point branch in Covent Garden. 

Hi Alexandra and thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How long have you been with the Paragon Service Point Covent Garden branch?

I have been with the team here since February 2015. Initially I was appointed as the Gallery Manager when we were The Gallery Print Centre. When we changed to Paragon Service Point Covent Garden I became the Branch Manager.

Rich, true, cool and warm black
Rich, true, cool and warm black

There are few better ways of establishing your design nerd credentials than starting a conversation about different black colours. These colours are also an important aspect to ensure you get the best possible print results and are often overlooked. 

Most layout programs use ‘true black’ as the default for black, that is 100% Black. In contrast ‘rich black’ (occasionally referred to as 'blacker than black') is a mixture of solid black with one or more of the other CMYK colours.

A typical rich black might be composed of

Typography Terms
5 Key Typography Terms and Concepts Explained

In a previous blog we explored the font categories Serif and Sans Serifs and how they will impact on your print. Once you’ve narrowed which font category to use for your brochure, flyer or other printed product there is another series of factors that you should consider.

Sans, sans serif and why they matter

Typography is how we arrange letters to make the written word both legible and appealing. When typography is done well it contributes to the success of your print marketing. The composition of typeface, line spacing, indents, columns and paragraphs coupled with the design layout, grid and colour scheme are all vital to achieving a successful piece of print marketing. We realise that’s quite a list of things to consider! However a great starting place is deciding on what font to use.